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Anyone design a customer portal?


I have a prospective client who wants someone to design a customer order portal. The customers are a known quantity (~60 large companies) and they need the ability to login to the portal and order from a list of pre-determined products (~300).

Has anyone designed something like this? I have to think there is a great backend I can integrate with to save money for client (and me!)


Hey Rebecca,

Great question.

I highly recommend - More info here

Hope this helps.


@nwdsha Thanks for the shout out!

@rebeccajg I think we chatted via email earlier today. Foxy does provide the functionality needed to setup a customer portal, but you will need your own user database and somewhere to store server side coding (ie: PHP). Unfortunately, this isn’t possible in Webflow yet. We’re hoping as they release more functionality (API, users, etc.) we’ll be able to have a tighter integration with Webflow.



We did! Funny enough…there are two different clients / prospects I have in mind.

Good to know on user database and keep me in the loop for updates.

I still need to gather more requirements and there is a possibility that Foxy will work – I will definitely keep you in mind.

@rebeccajg That’s great on the two ecommerce prospects. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any followup questions or need help getting started.