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Periodic Question: anyone have any good method for client file uploading and hosting?

I’ve got a client project that is ideal for Webflow, EXCEPT they host/link around 100 PDFs. These are vital bc they produce all sorts of policy papers and such, so these PDF uploads are going to be a good portion of their interaction with the site after launch.

Anyone good a good option? I’ve read the AWS option from about a year and a half ago, but anyone got anything else? Would be happy to implement some sort of embedded upload tool on the site, so at least if it’s not super integrated with the CMS, it’s at least contained to their website, that would work too.

Otherwise I’m gonna be forced to use Wagtail or something with a React front end perhaps. Outside of my skill set, so would necessitate a subcontractor (making this waaayyy less profitable).

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To follow up to my own question, I’m also debating whether it would make sense to have a form page that’s client-only, password protected, so that they could upload these files into webflow and generate a URL into the “forms” section of their PDF.

Thoughts? Too janky? Are there restrictions beyond the 10mb file limit that I don’t know about? Like length of time the files are held on webflow servers, maximum number, etc?