All I want for Christmas is file uploading through CMS (and file uploading in general)

Probably a lot of posts related to this already (spam, spam, spam), but it’s by FAR the one thing that I miss the most in Webflow:

There should be a user friendly way to upload files (pdf, excels, images) into downloadable links in the CMS interface. On every site that I have made with Webflow, the customers want PDF viewing/downloading on the site.

Yes, making a dropbox link is a solution, but it’s a complicated process for the end user (which is often VERY far from tech savvy) and it’s a road paved with broken links since people can delete files from dropbox, not knowing that it’s linked to a website.

Please, please, please, make my wish come true!


Have to agree here, this is something that is on the forums for over a year, even before the CMS came out.
we need to have some kind of a option to upload files to our websites, specially PDF is just a must for almost every project i have.

You simple can’t call webflow a hosting platform without these kind of features.


Absolutely agree. We PAY for hosting, so should be able to host common file types!


I forgot I was dreading having to tell a client in the future that that “No, you can’t host your PDF brochures, PR zips or anything on your site that you’re paying for hosting for.” That will be a fun meeting.


This would be incredibly convenient, as I have to host them on Google Drive and link them with a button.

That and file folders in the assets panel would be fantastic. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if we can spam this enough. Keep the posts, flowing, xD. Seriously though, this is a must have for just about every client! How is this not already implemented?