File Uploads and CMS

Since you cannot upload files through the CMS, is it possible to create Amazon 3s buckets for file storage and then somehow add a link/button/code so the end user can do this through the CMS? I’m really not sure how to go about this (I’m new to web flow and web design in general). I appreciate any assistance offered!

Hey @dcline1985

Files are coming to CMS collection fields and are in development as you can see here.

Admin Response
Hey everyone – we’ve made a ton of progress on development of this feature!

To help inform some of our final decisions, educational content, and more, we’d love your input through this short survey:


Since this is a feature you would use, please fill out that survey. All the information that we can give the staff as they build the feature will ensure that meets as many use cases as possible. Maybe you can hold off on integrating a 3rd-party solution.

Anyway, happy designing and welcome to the community.

Thank you, Matthew. I would love to wait but I’m afraid I do not have that luxury with this project.

Do you have any suggestions on how to easily integrate a 3rd party solution?

Thanks again!

No, not from personal experience, however I have seen this mentioned around the forum before. Might be worth checking out.

Awesome-I’ll look into it-Thanks again!