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Performance issue: Webflow not publishing (and loading)

Looks like things is now up and running! Publishing is perhaps a bit slow, but close to normal. :slight_smile:

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I get this issue all the time when I’m trying to edit any content to my site. I can’t do any changes. This white box just appears in my panel… Can it be my browser? I use safari…

@nictur Sorry to hear about the Designer crashing. This may or may not be related to the original post in this thread. To check this, can you please open the console and take a screenshot of the errors you see there?



I have set up an account for the forum to get help.
I’ve been having problems with the designer for 2 hours.

I can’t publish anymore - he just says “Error: Cannot read property id of null” and aborts.
Is this because of the current performance or have I made a mistake?

Best regards

Btw: Im using Chrome.

I’ve also been having problems all throughout the day. Never experienced any problems with Webflow performance before but today it’s barely been usable. Pages just wont load.

Also publishing pages is a nightmare, just keeps hanging.

@Brando I got exactly the screen @nictur posted at least once, so probably related.

Hey people’ where can be found some ofi statement to this issue? Thanks a lot!

Hi @Nicknak @Christoffer @nictur @MYR3S

Our team was made aware of some gateway timeout issues in the Dashboard and the Designer this morning.
This issue is causing lag when the Dashboard loads and may also intefere with publishing in the Designer.

Our team is currently working at high priority to investigate, isolate, and resolve the issue.

I’ll post back here with more details as soon as I have them for you. We greatly appreciate your patience and consideration while we resolve this.

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Thats great! Thanks😎

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@Christoffer @magicmark @Diarmuid_Sexton @attwoodkt @pgrzyb @StuM @Nicknak @MYR3S @nictur

Thanks again for posting about this.

Our team was able to find and resolve this issue :tada:

Can you all please check to see if you are experiencing any more delay around the dashboard, or when trying to publish?



@Brando I didn’t have too many problems throughout the day fortunately. All is 100% again now anyway.

Thanks as always for the prompt response and updates!

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Works fine here now!

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I had these problems too today: it still takes long to load the designer, and often takes long for the designer to auto-update.

Thanks for the update everyone!

@TomLamers Are you seeing this with multiple projects, or only one? It may be an unrelated issue but to be sure can you reach out to us directly?

Thanks so much!

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Hi @Brando

The designer for me started to be very sluggish on monday evening w-European time so let’s say for you around 15:00 hours, all day yesterday but today seems to work normal again, thankfully. I was online working on one and the same website


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