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Slow publising on

Hi everybody.
I am having trouble publishing to the this morning
It all takes a long time. More people bothered by this? I work from the Netherlands

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Now getting messages that somthing went wrong. Bad Gateway!

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I’m having the exact same issue

Same here… “oops looks like something went wrong”

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Same here. I’m experiencing publishing and uploading issues since an hour ago.
According to the Webflow Designer I don’t have any internet connection…

(based in the Netherlands)

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There are some issues currently with dashboard and API.

Status update from here:
" Investigating - We are experience degraded performance in the designer and dashboard. We are actively investigating and will update as we learn more."

It’s all working for me now, not sure what that was about


Monitoring - All services are running normally now.
Dec 18, 11:44 UTC

Update - The incident is resolving and we are continuing to monitor things.
Dec 18, 11:43 UTC

Hi Everyone!

As @avivtech mentioned we’re seeing some degraded performance, and are actively investigating.

Apologies for the experience and more details will follow as soon as we can!

Latest updates are at:


Oke, great work. Thanks.

Further update: we believe this to be fully resolved now, thanks for your patience!

We are of course keeping an eye on this, and will post any additional information here:

Please respond on this thread if you are still experiencing an issue!

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