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Paypal, Bitcoin, and other unsupported payment options

Hi Guys,
I have been playing with Webflow for 2-3 weeks now, really got excited about it,
worked a lot on my website and today i tried to buy but… no luck.

There is no way to pay with Paypal, for some reason my credit cards, ones that i have made hunderds of deals online, are being declined in webflow, and I am really really disappointed :frowning:

So last resort, is there someone in the forum that can make the purchase for me and I will pay him through paypal? I need someone that is active and known in this forum, I know this is a reach because we don’t know each other but I don’t see any other way to do this and answer i got from webflow didn’t help much.

I am well known online and have a reputation to uphold so you can count on it that i won’t try to scam you.
this is my facebook page if anyone wants to help…

Thank You!

Hi @Mordi_Levi - what issues are you encountering? If you give me your account email I can try to dig up more information as to why it keeps getting declined.

Hi @brryant Thank you for answering i sent you a private message.

For some reason I also can not pay with my credit card, I was excited too.

How can you help me to pay?

Me too. I can’t renew. I used the same card. Will you guys take paypal instead?

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I would also like to see paypal payment!

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We are get paid and make transactions with Paypal… please add Paypal as payment method.

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Hi @joeyocaro, @LukaszKwiatkowski and @dhanartegar, thanks for your posts. Your feedback is not going unheard. We plan to build in more flexible payment options, but we do not have an ETA for that yet. For now, we accept the following payment methods:

When we do start accepting other payment options, you can be sure that Paypal will be high on the list for getting attention :slight_smile:

Another possible option, is to get a pre-paid debit card, from some provider like, or I have heard some customers have had success using those pre-paid cards which can be loaded directly from your bank account.

This is an active topic around here, you can be sure of that :slight_smile: More improvements coming :slight_smile:

I comes from Nigeria, and I wonder how to accept payment from Nigeria’s user? I am not able to buy webflow here, as paypal is not allowed in Nigeria, what’s worse, the paper check process is too long and not always reliable. Is there some possible payment method like Bitcoins or Litecoins available here? No fees and instantly move to our wallets! Or direct deposit to a bank would be wonderful and i don’t like there being a “middle man” in the transaction. On the other hand, is there possible payment method which is totally free? As far as i can see almost all the payment processors like payza, paypal, payoneer, webmoney take highest fee during the trasaction. I try to look around and seek answers on google, epay global payment captures my attention since it claims that it’s free to pay and get paid via their website or their app–epay wallet. I never heard of it before and don’t know whether it is trustworthy.Any feedback from epay here?

Hi @sylvially, at the moment the supported payment methods are listed here:

Paypal payment please!! I make all my virtual stuff with paypal, sometimes I get problems with my credit card, I am always abroad, then you send a mail and give me 3 days or cancel my sites!!! What!! what if I am traveling and don’t look to my mail in some days, what it (like now) my credit card expired and I am abroad and unable to renovate it?? I only have 24 hours left before you put my site down to solve this issue, you don’t allow paypal, and it feels you are not on my side, you guys want to put my site down??? Unbeliveable…


WE NEED PAYPAL PLEASE! I am a student and do not own a card however i can pay by paypal no worries.

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Still no Paypal?
You know that some of us (me) are wasting their time coming to your site, getting excited about the tools and features, watching all your video tutorials, wanting to learn more about the amazing features? Because then I decide to upgrade and find out that you’re selling your services of tomorrow using only one(!) payment method of yesterday.
I mean, come on, one has to assume that a company like yours has to support at least Paypal.

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This has also been happening to us -I believe Webflow’s payments are triggering some bank’s & credit card companies fraud detection which turns the payment into a ‘declined payment’. I see this happening when Webflow’s multiple payments come off the card within a short interval. The same card works seamlessly with lots of other online payments and services which I subscribe too.
It’s becoming a REAL PAIN every month dealing with this lately, as we have multiple client websites swinging on this payment working…and guess what -They all pay us via Paypal (setup as recurring -Why can’t Webflow quickly & easily implement Paypal as a working option??).
…Three cancelled cards later, I’m now considering exporting all clients websites and having them hosted elsewhere because of this.


No Paypal is a no go. Anno 2016 i can`t see the problem here to implement this feature. As a newbie i am really keen on working with webflow but this is a deal breaker. And i think you loose many potential customers because of this. You state that feedback is import to your company, but how is it that you “read” this forum topic and still do not react? The last comment was 189 days ago…That´s sad, so much potential…wasted.

In Germany just very few people use credit cards for their payments. In the future it would be very handy to bill them through client billing with Paypal. Are there any plans for it?