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How to buy a site/account plan without owning a credit card

Hey everyone !

I am a digital artist based in Vienna, Austria. I would like to purchase an account plan and a site plan for our festivals but we don’t own a credit card ( people barely use here credit cards ) so as paypal not an option on webflow ( in 2019 ) we don’t know how to solve that problem…

I just wasted 3 hours on Skrill by creating a virtual card and make the purchase but webflow doesn’t accept that payment option as I experienced.

could someone please help us ? we have bank accounts and paypal…


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Hello @zweimillimeter

One way is to contact and maybe they can help you. The other way will be transferring money to someone with a card so he can pay for the things you want, but needs to be someone you trust.

Piter :webflow_heart:

Hey @PiterDimitrov

Do you think they could help me ?

Sorry that’s not a permanent solution also for the future I would like to use only my own account, not gonna ask someone for a credit card.

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I think they can help you. I will tag @PixelGeek

Piter :webflow_heart:

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Hi @zweimillimeter . At this time, we only accept credit cards because our platform uses Stripe. Another option is to get a reloadable debit card and use that.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi @PixelGeek,

reloadable debit cards unfortunately are not available in Austria/Europe.

When will be PayPal available on Webflow ? I understand that most of Americans use credit cards but here in Europe people really barely own a credit card. As I read from the other topics you have a huge European users and clients.

Our website must be online this week and we don’t have any solutions.

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I think that many people use cards in Europe. I am from Europe and I have one and most people I know have cards. I’m having a debit one, not a credit :smile:

Why not going to a bank and get yourself a debit card? :blush:

Can’t you ask your bank? We never had credit cards here in Belgium but now loads of people have them (myself included) for online purchases. They cost a couple euro a month through our bank where I have a debit and savings account.
Pre or reloadable cards are totally around as well. Our postal system even issues them. They’re marketed towards teens/young adults buying stuff online whose parents don’t want them owning credit cards yet.

Reloadable debit cards are certainly available in the UK, I use Caxton FX when buying stuff from Webflow. Surely you can use any online reloadable debit card can’t you?

Servus @zweimillimeter!

I’m from Vienna too :smile:
My suggestion would be, just buy a prepaid credit card.
Merkur for example offers Mastercard prepaid credit cards especially for purpose of “safer” online shopping etc.
Just watch out for it nearby the cash desk.

Best regards & viele Grüße aus Simmering,


Interesting, never knew there still were parts of Western Europe that didn’t use credit and debit cards as the preferred payment option.
I thought the US was worst in class, since they according to various TV shows still use cash and checks.
In northern Europe (Scandinavia) there’s been talk about abandoning cash for years, since it’s mostly used for criminal activities. At least according to some.

Sorry for going of topic, but how do you solve online shopping without credit cards?

hey @danbanan

well you are totally right, people barely use credit cards here but debit cards for sure ! still if you are in a bar/cafe and some restaurants you have to pay cash…

with EPS, PayPal, Bank Transfer we use online shopping without credit cards. Well its not possible on Webflow to pay with a debit card… but thanks to the community there are other options which I didn’t know so the problem is solved :slight_smile:

We’ve got local solutions like bancontact and iDeal, they work with a card reader and a person’s debit card. The security layer it adds is laughable but it makes people feel safer buying online.


for your previous answer, well i am kinda against using credit cards, I would like to spend money If I have it and don’t wanna spend the money which I don’t earned ( credits ) besides of that paying for it is another waste of money.

Well I am an active internet user as my study and work, since years I use PayPal ( connected with my debit card ) everywhere it is the first time here on Webflow I had problems by purchasing without it.

@zweimillimeter Perhaps a virtual credit card will do the trick.

I only accept credit card payment for my product as well. Sometimes this is a issue for people in the EU so I recommend this solution:

I use to recommend but I don’t think they are taking new customers at this time.

I guess that this is solved, but my belief is that this is just a confusion of terms, with “creditcards” and “debitcards”… In Scandinavia we often call both types of cards for “kredittkort”… or just “bank card”.
But anyway: It should be no problem paying for your Webflow with a normal debit card? I have never had any issue with that…? (All my Webflow purchases are made with a normal Debit bankcard / Mastercard).


I had this card for a while, but since it has become a new brand (boon) it is not not supported in quite a number of European countries.
I am based in NL, which is not supported either.

Hey everyone so my solution was quite practical if someone wanna know how. I just created an online bank account at N26 which is a german online banking company. I am quite impressed with it because it costs basically nothing, really nothing. It’s a debit card, not a credit card and you can still use it as a master card for online payments like in Webflow.

Feel free to drop me a message if you want to get more information about it here is my reference link which gives both of us 15€:

If you want to register without a reference link:

Hello, I am Zeeshan Ali, I am a web designer and I want to buy an account plan on webflow. I tried it with my debit card but it is not accepting it. I want to know if I can pay with a Reloadable Virtual Card? If yes, then which Reloadable Virtual Card Provider should I prefer, from which webflow would accept my payment?
I tried with N26 online bank, but right now they are not providing their services in Pakistan.