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Payment for site / account plan

Hey together,

I’ve been playing around with webflow for a couple of days now and created some landing page for my own for fun so far. I’m stuck with the limited pages and CMS items, so I decided to buy a site plan.

Issue: Only credit card as payment? Please WOOOT?

Is this intended or some failed configuration? You’d get so many more purchasements if you offered PayPal, direct bank transaction, etc…

This is a HUGE issue! There is no way for me to use webflow now. I live in germany and PayPal + bank transaction are the only 2 doable methods for me.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one with this problem.

I appreciate if this is gonna be taken into account highly priorized!


Durmoth / Roland

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I use Visa card which is also linked to my PayPal account and I only use it for online payment, nothing else.
When I need to pay for something online and when PayPal is not an option, I go to my bank, I give some money and my card to a beautiful girl behind the glass and for a few moments, I have money on my Visa card.
Thats how I do, when I have money :slight_smile:
I suppose you have such a possibility in Germany, when I have it in Serbia.
PayPal can be a payment option, maybe… direct bank transaction is to slow so, credit card as payment
is a best way.
But if you really don’t have the opportunity to try Webflow pro account, I can pay you for one month, than you can transfer me money with direct bank transaction. Thats how much I can help you.
I think I’ve got exactly for a month on my card.

There are lots of methods available right now. You can use any method you like. But as the OP said already you can linked your account onto another. So there is a not a big problem paying others