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E-Commerce Payment Options

I have a customer who wants more options than Stripe or PayPal for payment gateways on their Webflow E-Commerce store. Is this possible? If so, recommendations? The site is not in Webflow yet.

Thanks in advance!

I have the same issue with a client wanting to use ‘square’ but I think your only options currently are, as you say, PayPal and/or Stripe. If there is an integration out there that permits square I’m all ears.

Was this solved? What’s the solution? I would like to know because I am using a new payment system. It is really cool, and perfect to use online. They work with a lot of banks, and it was recommended to me by a friend which uses it for his business. It’s, and I would like to know if I could use it as a payment system here. If anyone knows if the problem is solved, please respond. I hope more people start using it, and it will become as popular as PayPal one day. I hated using PayPal since the beginning, because there were always some problems, but not with maxpay.

Native in Webflow you can only use PayPal and Stripe now

I believe the best solution would be integration.

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Hi @radui.
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