Ive been a paster all my life, why is pasting not working now

simple question: why or how do i grab text from a word doc and paste it into webflow while keeping all of the styling(bold lettering) and spacing the same?

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You don’t. Webflow takes the HTML or RTF content from the clipboard and normalizes it to the element you’re pasting into. For a rich text element, that’s H1… bold, italics, lists, etc. It does a pretty good job most of the time at normalizing your content to fit that structure.

Style, fonts, color, line height, font size, etc. are all stripped and are dictated by how you’ve styled your rich text element itself. This is exactly what you’d want, to keep your site reasonably consistent.

thats not what i want, because what im pasting is 8 pages, and theres no line breaks, and no bolds everything is just sandwiched beside each other, is there no easier way to paste things into webflow, no one wants to go through 8 pages and hand select every heading, and space where appropriate.

You’ll want to prepare your content better then so it’s more rich-text friendly.
Doesn’t matter what system you’re copying it to.

You might use Google Docs to past the content, break it into paragraphs, add your headings ( it’s quick, e.g. CTRL+ALT+2 to make a paragrah an H2.

Then copy the whole thing and paste it into your Webflow rich text element.

ill try it out thanks