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Passwords cannot be submitted

Hey guys,

is there a valid workaroud out there?
Its a huge pain cause we have to develop an internal prototyp for usability testing and we need a form that contains a password field and a clear type vs. asterisks toggle where you can show hide the text written in the password input field.

Now the standard webflow form wont let me use a input type password with an submit button.

First question? Why do you even have that option to convert a text input to a password type input when you cant submit that?

Second: Is there anything i can do about that? I need to validate the fields for our testing scenario, therefore i need that submit form.


Solved. Created a regular Button and rewrote the jquery in order to work with jvalidate on a regular button instead…

I was able to submit passwords in webflow forms using a submit event handler triggered during the capturing phase of the event propagation, then called stopPropagation() on the event object.

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Here’s an example:

let form = document.getElementById('login-form');
form.addEventListener('submit', handlerCallback, true);

function handlerCallback(event) {

  // the rest of your code here

Unfortunately, you can’t use jQuery for binding the event listener because it doesn’t give you the option to specify whether it is triggered during the capturing or bubbling phase of the event propagation. With EventTarget.addEventListener() you can set the third argument as true to specify that the the callback function should be called during the capturing phase. The default is the bubbling phase.

Here are some helpful resources:


@mattata Wow Matt! You are a god! I have been using a very hacky way. This is amazing. Thank you so much!

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Hey guys,

I had the same problem and for me the solution was in the script. The memberstack script needs to be there very first thing in the webflow integration, even before any < style > tags. This fixed it for me

Hi Mattata,

We are using Firebase to verify users that have access to our documentation page. On our login page, we want to submit an e-mail address and a password. As discussed above, we also get the ‘passwords cannot be submitted’ message. If we click on the ‘OK’ button, the user gets successfully authenticated and redirected to the correct page.

So the only thing that needs to happen, is to hide the message. I guess your code will solve our problems. But unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Can you maybe check why?

This is the read-only link: Webflow - Novodin.

And this is the code we’ve added to the head of the page:

@mattata I am very interested in your workaround. Any chance this could be explained step by step to a true no-coder? Where do we add that code in Webflow? Is there more to the code? I see there is a comment //the rest of your code here}. Help?

Thank you.

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@Daniel_Schultheiss I am running into the same issue and am unsure how to solve it. Since I am a true no-coder, is there a chance that you could share the jquery you used in order to make it work? Does your solution still work? Thank you!

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I’d also be really interested in a brief step-by-step solution to this problem.
Thanks a lot!

@rmjjkj @mpostel

This is the code you can copy and paste! You just have to simply change the id in the form variable (so ‘login-form’ to whatever you define your form id as) and define what you would like to do under the events - where it says // rest of your code here. You do need to know how to code to define what you would like to occur in place of the form submission. However, we are working on a no-coding solution for this at Keep an eye out for that if you are interested. Best wishes!

This isn’t working for me. What am I doing wrong?

10/2020 and this still works like a charm. Thank you sooo much Matt!!