Passwords field cannot be submitted

Why does the webflow.js file prevent password fields from being posted through Webflow forms?

I want to build a site that can collect passwords but can not due to lines 1205 and 1206 of the webflow.js that are part of this function:

  function getStatus(field, type, name, value) {
    var status = null;

    if (type === 'password') {
      status = 'Passwords cannot be submitted.';
    } else if (field.attr('required')) {
      if (!value) {
        status = 'Please fill out the required field: ' + name;
      } else if (emailField.test(name) || emailField.test(field.attr('type'))) {
        if (!emailValue.test(value)) status = 'Please enter a valid email address for: ' + name;

My site is here:

I found a work around for this issue by making the field type=text, creating a font that is all bullet dots and using custom CSS to set the placeholder styling through web-kit.

Would still be good if there was a way through Webflow to just use the password field to receive form submissions though.

I have the same problem… is this a recent issue with webflow? Or have they never been able to accept passwords

Cael_Prussian Can you share the font that you font you made?

Hey all, I’m running into the same issue. Anyone find a solution separate from the bullet-style fonts?

I’m having this same issue. Does anyone have a workaround? I’m using the webflow pages as the unauthenticated routes for an app. Need to be able to log in.