Password cannot be submitted in Webflow forms


Why are forms with a password field preventing a form submission and saying “Passwords cannot be submitted”? Was not like that before.


Hi @beez, thanks for your post. The ability to submit password fields in Webflow has been disabled, although this does indeed still show as an option in the designer UI.

The ability to submit password fields was removed in March 2016 to prevent the creation of Phishing sites.

I hope this helps, if not, let me know and I am happy to assist further.


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This is unfortunate. I’ve gone all-in on Webflow, to serve as the marketing side of our web app, only to find in the last mile the day before launch that our Sign Up form doesn’t work b/c we accept passwords.

We’re on the same TLD, everything is SSL. We’ve done it right. But this handicaps us and now I’m scrambling to figure something else out before a conference.