Passwords cannot be submitted in forms

Hey there!

I’m creating a website that contains a form in which one of the fields is a password. I select “Password” in text field label for that field and publish the website but I receive an error when completing the form that says “Passwords cannot be submitted”.

I have tried it in webflow domains as well as in my own domain.

Anyone knows how to solve this?


Hi @Rafael_Leon . Password fields will not work in published Webflow projects due to security concerns. If you’re looking to have a true user gated page, you’ll need to use the Webflow memberships feature.

Alternatively, you can create that website with that form field and export the project so you can host it elsewhere.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

There are a number of posts on this topic that will help you with options;
Here are two, but several more if you search.

Password cannot be submitted in Webflow forms

Hi @PixelGeek

I’m running into the same issue after having connected webflow to memberstack, ensured that all custom attributes for the form fields are in place, and that the site and domains are set to live in both webflow and memberstack.

Is there some connection that I’m supposed to be making between memberstack and webflow’s membership feature that I’m missing?

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Hey @Alan_Nero , it sounds like something is wrong in your Memberstack configuration on your login form. Check Memberstack’s docs, check any custom attributes and scripts you need.

The password field is only restricted when you post a form to Webflow’s own form handler, since users would expect that data to be private, but it isn’t ( it is part of the form captured results ).

In a Memberstack form, it should not be posting to Webflow’s form handler, so something is setup incorrectly on your site.

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That is so incredibly helpful. Thank you so much. I’ve been banging my head on my desk with this.


This isn’t true. I currently have a website redesigned in a sandbox environment with a custom HTML form written that uses method=“POST” (to our backend database for an instant login/trial launch) and we still receive the error. We have a significant amount of money invested in migrating our site to webflow and have just discovered this error…

If the Action setting on your form is blank, you’re using Webflow’s form submission handler, and it will decide what can be sent. If your action is configured directly to e.g. a Webhook, Webflow can’t interfere, that transaction is between the browser and your server.

Here’s a demo pointing to Zapier.

This is a frustrating realization to me as well, since you can’t use the Password Protected page.

A workaround I created is to use a standard text input field with some form validation that won’t allow the form to submit unless the text in the input field matches the password you’ve predetermined in some custom JS code.

It’s not an ideal solution but it works until I figure something else out.