'Passwords cannot be submitted'

Hey guys. I’ve spent several weeks building and working on my site. Now that I’ve gone to host it, I’ve found that it displays this message ‘Passwords cannot be submitted’ when a user signs up.

I have searched through the forums and there must be some kind of mistake as it seems a lot of people have this error. I note that webflow removed this feature a few years ago from the looks of things.

My questions are as follows:

1 - If users cannot sign up to a website on webflow without this pop up then: why does webflow not heavily advertise this up-front before taking money from customers?
2 - Why do webflow sites even have a password type available on forms if they aren’t able to be used?
3 - It seems like it still works just fine and my users become authenticated with firebase in the back-end, so, what’s the point of this pop up?
4 - Why are there even sign up templates still provided in webflow if they are restrained like this?
5 - How do I get a full refund for my webflow account if I can’t turn this pop-up off. The fact that this is not advertised up-front is genuinely extremely poor from Webflow.

I’m genuinely so frustrated right now. Am I missing something here. I can’t have a simple user sign up form without having this pop up?

Sorry if this seems rude, I’m just at the end of a very long few weeks of work and I’m astonished at how poorly this seems to be handled, but I apologize if I am missing something.

Looks like I can submit forms with a password field if the field is stored in plain text.

Just so I understand this situation properly:

  • I am forced to choose between showing my users a pop-up that doesn’t actually prevent anything from being submitted to firebase (and thus serves no real purpose other than to confuse users)

Or -

  • I am forced to endanger my user’s credentials by making them enter their password in plain text.

Is there something I’m missing here or is this actually how it is with webflow at this point in time.

If so - can anyone recommend any competing services that I can migrate across to easily? Would appreciate a lot.

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Nevermind, I worked out a work-around where you don’t use the form.

What do you mean you found a workaround? Can you share it please?

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Share solution please. I’m using Firebase auth