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"Passwords cannot be submitted" on site

Hello there! I hope this is the correct category to post. I just finished my website which is live, where I have designed a page that is password protected. I’m pretty certain that I have done everything correctly in setting up the password protected pate, however, I’m still getting this error message on my site:

“Passwords cannot be submitted.” Please see screenshot and read-only link below. All the help is forever appreciated; I’m growing slightly more insane as the world turns.

Here is my site Read-Only:
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi Melina! I’m pretty sure you have to use the utility form included on the password page. I don’t think passwords are permitted through a typical Webflow form (even though the option is there) to prevent phishing websites.

Merci beaucoup, Parker! So, what you’re saying is… I did it all wrong (lol!). Do you know if there is a way for me to add another “password page” in the utility form section so that I can design from scratch? I did style the form that came by default on the password page of the project, but I also did a lot of “swapping out” and I may have goofed in the process. Appreciate you!

I don’t think you can make a new utility page, but it should be pretty easy to re-do! Your utility form is still there (just set to display: none). If you apply the same classes that you set for your new form, most of the work should be done. You may need to move a couple of things around. I think I was able to replicate the solution, but I can’t test it to make sure it worked on the preview version.

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