/Log-in site not working, "Passwords cannot be submitted"

So I’m not sure where I went wrong here, but I have a website that has Webflow’s account system, and therefore has the log-in/sign up pages. I was able to create a sign-up page and that works fine.

However, it’s the log-in page that I’m having issues. As, even in the published project, whenever I try and sign in, a pop-up appears that states “www.wesitedomain.com says, passwords cannot be submitted”

I did read that Webflow didn’t allow passwords on forms, does this apply to this as well? Or is this something that I messed up?

Thanks in advance!

It should not apply to a Webflow login form or any form with Memberstack attributes on it.

Thats kind of what I figured, however any solution that I try to find only refers to common forms?