Passwords cannot be submitted (memberstack)

I made a Sign up form on the webflow page and connected it to the memberstack, but unfortunately it does not work. When submitting the form, the message “passwords cannot be submitted” pops up. I ask you for help.

Registration page - Sign up

Thank you!

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Hello @Sergey_Dizhenin

This is Robert from Memberstack. There are a couple of reasons why this could be happening. Here is a good post from the Memberstack Help Center that might point you in the right direction. However, I am also seeing the same issue which probably means it’s not something related to the browser being used or already being logged in.

Given that I’d focus on:

  • Have you input the header code properly.
  • Are there multiple signups/logins on that page (it might not be visible).
  • Do you have at least one member on the Memberstack site (this can be you or a dummy user).

Let me know if any of those worked for you. I’d be happy to do a little more digging for you if necessary.