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'Password cannot be submitted' in Webflow staging site

I’m setting up a password protected page on my site and cannot test it. From what little I’ve seen in the forum, I’m not sure if Webflow has only disabled the password submit for the staging sites, but in any event, I’m getting a ‘Password cannot be submitted’ when I test my form on the staging site. There’s no clarification from Webflow what exactly the reason is.

I would like the client to see and test the staging site but the password-protected page is not accessible.

Any guidance on this?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Duplicate of Password cannot be submitted in Webflow forms and Password cannot be submitted in Webflow forms

Clarification: this issue was posted here on Forum again because - as I stated in the description - none of the responses to the prior tickets give me enough information. Does this functionality not work, or is it an issue with staging sites? Or is it possible to break the form component by adding certain styling?

I’ve set up all the conditions properly:

  • using the ‘Password’ utility page for the password entry
  • assigned password protection to the destination page
  • webflow account is on a Team Plan, with hosting plan activated

Given all of this, the staging site gives me a ‘Passwords cannot be submitted.’ when I simply try to test the login. So, I still need help with this…

The form on the password protected pages do work, even on staging sites, as long as there is a hosting plan for that project.

Password fields on all other forms will not be able to be submitted no matter whether you have a hosting plan - both on the staging site and live sites.


Staging link:

Live link:

Both forms will not be able to be submitted even though I have a Pro account with Hosting plan on my site.

The only way you can use a custom password field is by exporting the project and HOSTING ELSEWHERE. That means you also have to handle the form submissions yourself.

This was never fixed. No need to repost unanswered threads

Check out the possible workaround I posted here: Passwords cannot be submitted