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Password Protected Published Website

We have some clients that has sensitive information that needs to be protected with a password, is this something you guys have in the works? Thanks!

That’s a great suggestion! We will add that to our list. :slight_smile:

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Is this still in the works, or has anyone figured out how to do this yet?


Hi @LJB it’s going to be a while before we implement it, but there’s something you can do that would be similar to adding a password to enter your site.

  • Change your subdomain to something like (unless someone knows your domain, they cannot access your site).
  • Add this to your robot.txt in the SEO tab of your website settings:
User-agent: *
Disallow: /

This will not allow search engines to index your site (it will not be searchable on Google, Bing, etc).

I think I could do that with Webflow only but I might need to work on that. Contact me over Skype. Details are in my profile.

Here is the site I made:

Take a look and if you like it and that’s what you want please write on this forum. I’ll try to find a solution to give this code to you in here as a tutorial.


Hi @bartekkustra this looks great! Can you show me how to do that?

Love this, could you please share the code…

Hey! I’m working on a website design for an oil company and the only thing keeping me from finishing is I need to password protect one page. Could you send me a tutorial to how you made this happen?! That’d be great!!

@bartekkustra can you show me how you did this? Please and thanks!

Hey @bartekkustra, just wanted to make sure you include some disclaimers with this code, because I found ways to work around it pretty quickly. We don’t want to set the false expectation that it’s bulletproof, and then have users be surprised that someone gained access to a “protected” site or page.

Any ideas, when can we expect something like this? We are a company deciding whether or not to use Webflow for our projects, but we are dealing with some sensitive data and can’t use public publish.


Thanks for the feedback Jure. We plan on implementing password protection, but it’s a big infrastructural change so it will take a while to do right. We want to provide the option with the highest security. Thanks!

Hi @bartekkustra

Can you show me the password protection tutorial ?

Any update on this topic?



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Hi @Ali

This topic is quite old and we’ve since implemented it directly in Webflow.

If you click on the hosting tab within a site’s settings you’ll see a section where you can add a username and password.

Let me know if you have anymore questions!

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One additional note, the Password Protection feature is available for Professional plan memberships and higher. Cheers, Dave

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hi, I’m a designer using web flow to build my portfolio and its been such a breeze to use so far! lately i need to password protect some of my pages that have client sensitive information and i realize i cannot do that without upgrading my plan. I’m just starting out so i’m not really professional or an organization also i just need a few pages password protected and not the whole website. is there a way to do that at all?

how do you go to this setting? can you do this with free account? thanks.

Hi @wicked7578 :smile:

This is how you go about setting up a password protected website in Webflow:

Please note, that you can only use this feature with a “Professional” plan subscription or higher.