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Password Protection: Pro only?

Slightly irritated that the password protection
is only for Professional plans… just because I’m on a “personal” plan with 20 sites, you really think those 20 sites are all for me? More like one is, and the rest are for clients… clients that would appreciate password protection. It’s like forcing me to upgrade before I have a need for more than 20 client sites on webflow :frowning: Maybe I’m the only one feeling this way, just putting it out there :smile: Still extremely happy with Webflow, and the amazing team behind it :wink:


Hi @jaidenraleach - thanks for sharing your thoughts. We’ll consider this feedback moving forward.


Thats all I could ever ask for @brryant
Thanks a million :smiley: :wink:


I agree with @jaidenraleach Password Protection is a standard requirement. Also would be much better if we coul protect any page not the whole site.



I have to agree with the current sentiment… Password protection should be an option for anyone who is design websites for clients…


Here here! I too support this motion!


Hi! I am glad I’m not the only one that feels this way. I emailed support yesterday asking if it were possible to buy the option a-la-cart style, and I’m glad I was redirected here.

Please let us buy this separately! I don’t need everything that comes with pro, I just need a couple websites for me and my small team :smile:

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Password protection for the whole site should be basic, and multiple user logins and folder protection should be in the Pro version.

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I’m bumping this back up as it is still relevant, and there has been no comment or explanation from Webflow staff in a year and a half.

As a new customer who just migrated to Webflow from platforms that make password protection incredibly easy (at no additional headache or cost), I am honestly baffled and frustrated by the fact that paying $16-$20 a month for the personal plan does not include password protection. It is much too small of a feature to merit upgrading to the professional plan (especially as a modest new user who only needs it for a single site!). Is an a la carte option at least available?? I would find this unsavory, especially since it is included on competitors’ platforms, but it would perhaps keep me from being forced to cancel my account simply for this one reason.

Please offer some sort of alternative or suggestion. This capacity is essential, and without it, I will have to go elsewhere.

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Technically, I would only need the free account since I only use Webflow for my portfolio. BUT…I am essentially paying $42 per month to just be able to password protect my portfolio. This is ridiculous and I will probably end up having to export the code and host/manage it myself soon. At minimum, password protection should be part of the Personal plan.

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Thanks for bringing this up for consideration. Any level of content management may contain sensitive personal data. Without password protection even at the Free level, it is essentially saying that no user’s personal projects warrant protection from outside viewers. :pensive:

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