Protecting the Webflow site with password, but not the published site

I want to use the Webflow site for staging, and keep it protected with a password, at the same time I want to keep the same site published on a custom domain without the password. Did I make myself clear? Is that possible?
(I’m using Pro plan and Basic hosting plan).

Here is my public share link: LINK
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at this time there isn’t a feature that allows that. What you can do is password protect certain pages or a whole directory.

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OK, I guess I can duplicate the page and add it a page password, while I’m trying new changes.
Thank you, PixelGeek :slight_smile:

Actually… yes.

  1. Publish your site in its public state, on your custom domain.
  2. Then uncheck the publish checkbox in front of the custom domain, only leaving the one in front of the .io that you’ll use as a staging.
  3. set up the password on the site
  4. publish (to .io)

You now have a protected .io staging and an open site on custom domain. Don’t forget to unset the password next time you push your changes to production (custom domain).


Good idea!
Thanks, @vincent.

today, i learned…

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LOL :smiley:

@nelson you wouldn’t believe how much the staging makes sense for final clients. They come from complicated WP or Drupal websites, and very very quickly on such sites, a proper staging is not possible. I faced this situation many times before. So when they hear they’ll be able to test/validate on a proper, full featured staging, you can feel the excitement: “At last!”.

So that’s an important topic. Staging should be improved, made easy. With even maybe in the future some statuses like: staging for review, reviewed, approved, approved for production etc…

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