Paid for Site Plan on Webflow, Yet Prompted to Purchase Again

I purchased a Webflow site plan (CMS) to publish my site, and I’ve already made the payment. However, when I try to add something or link the domain, it still appears as if I don’t have a plan. What should I do?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Nuna,

This is the community forum so we can’t see anything or help you with billing issues. You’ll need to contact Webflow support ( top right Support button ).

If you can see the site has a plan and is active maybe re-publish it, remove and re-add your domain, etc.

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The issue I’m facing isn’t so much about billing. I purchased a plan to publish my previously designed site, but I’m unable to use the acquired plan. It seems not to be working. For instance, in the billing tab, the purchase of the plan for the page I’m trying to publish is visible. However, when I click on the staging link, it prompts me to buy a plan again, despite having already made the purchase. It’s very confusing.

What did support say?