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Understanding the hosting and site plans

Please can someone assist. We are developing our company website using CMS to support projects.

Even though we were still in the authoring stage (which surprised me), we were informed that we had reached the max number of CMS projects. I dutifully upgraded my plan and paid a year in advance.

However, at some point, we decided to duplicate the project (to “save” where we were) and continue developing in a duplicated site.

I now see (to my horror and surprise) that the plan we upgraded to applies only to the one web development site only. We have come up against the max number of CMS projects again and it says we need to upgrade our plan again.

This seems crazy. We were forced into buying a plan for development site that will never be published and now Webflow wants me to buy another plan for another development site.

Is there a way to transfer the paid plan from the dormant development site to the active development site?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Yes, just not on the user side. Contact Webflow customer support for assistance.