How do I email support?

I’m trying to get in touch with support with a question about upgrading my account. The support form on their support pages errors out. I tried emailing but I got an automatic email asking me to use the form to contact them.

People have mentioned a chat being available but I do not see the icon anywhere to initiate chat.

Are other folks also experiencing this? How have people managed to get in touch with support? Does @webflow know that their support form is broken?

Appreciate any pointers.

Hey @dvenprasad , I jus tested our form and it appeared to work for me and I haven’t heard any other reports. Can you send me a video recording of the problem you are experiencing? What browser are you using? Do you have any browser extensions?


Thank you! I finally managed to get in touch with support via Safari. I was using Firefox and I have a few privacy and ad-blocking plug-in.

I received a response saying that it’s due Firefox’s ‘Enhanced Tracking Protection’

The times I’ve used Support the text box FREEZES after a few words are entered.
No delete! No backspace! FREEZES!

I enter the entire message elsewhere then copy it to the support message/text box.

Maybe try > [ ]

They’ll want to see as much about the issue as you can send:

  • Screen shots
  • Videos
  • ReadOnly File
  • Published link
  • A clear, concise description of the issue

I get the exact same problem!

Hey @Media_Force That is odd. Sending you a DM.

Hey there, can you please tell me why webflow charged my card 2 times within 3 days? I purchased a plan few months ago, usually it charges me once a month, now I’m being charged twice for the same thing…

Hello @Jovan_Pojuzina

I would recommend reaching out to the support team at

Once you submit a ticket, our team will be able to assist with any billing inquiries. However, it sounds like you may have more than one plan purchased. A Site plan and a Workspace plan, or multiple site plans. Our Support team should be able to assist and sort things out.