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Paid Account Export & Future Changes

Hi Webflow,

Just looking for info, how-to or tutorial on this scenario for paid members:

Using Webflow to create projects, export them and host privately, how does one go back to Webflow for new feature additions, browser corrections (as new versions are released) or significant design changes, and them import to the hosted project?

I hope this makes sense.


there is no importing of code. I don’t know if this is part of their roadmap. But once you export the code and mess with it in your own environment, you’re on your own.

I use webflow as my wireframe-to-prototype/mock tool. Completely bypassing photoshop. (Cause thats the old and busted. Webflow is the new hotness.)


@nvrau, @PixelGeek is right - at the moment, once you export, there’s no way to import back into Webflow, especially if you’ve made external changes. As much as we want to support that, it’s an incredibly difficult problem that would take years to solve. For now, we’re focused on making the editor so good that you don’t ever need to export your code :smile:


Thank you both for the feedback.

So I guess a solution may be to go back to the project to make needed/desired changes and perform a new export. Then compare the new export code to the previous and implement changes.

Is there a method to call on the project code base as a website loads while using a non-Webflow host?