Can you import / upload a previously exported website?

I’ve seen a pot from 2016 but I figured it’s worth asking again for an update, especially considering the amazing news from the latest no-code camp.

So basically I know you can export the website very neatly, but what if I’m hosting elsewhere and I want to update the design? I’d like to bring it back into Webflow to edit with the designer. Is there such a feature? Thanks for answering

Hey @Nicolasdonati , there is currently now way to import an existing site codebase into Webflow. The idea of using Webflow for code export is to still keep the project within the dashboard so you can always make your desired changes and export them out again.

I do feel like this is a highly requested feature. It would save me a lot of time and would lower client costs. Is there any indication that this is even anywhere on Webflow’s list of things to build?