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Importing after exporting

I am on Lite, as far as I know I I can only have 10 un-hosted projects saved. I have 1 built website that I need to update and I am working on 2 others that will also need regular updates. If this continues, is there a way of exporting, saving the files and importing later when I need to make alterations? I know that I can have unlimited on Pro but feeling poor and cant afford it.

Any help or solutions welcome and appreciated.


Hi Nick,

Unfortunately, Webflow doesn’t have the functionality of importing sites to the designer.

In order to do the updates, you’ll need to keep copies of those sites saved within Webflow.

Remember that each site you create that is Hosted on Webflow Hosting is not counted as one of the 10 (in the Lite Plan), as you’ve mentioned. The cost (in billable Web Dev hours) of exporting the site to a ‘cheaper’ hosting provider would probably offset the cost of paying for an Unlimited Plan.

There may be specific reasons that a client wants to have their site hosted by a different provider, but you can charge for your services/time with the updates required at a level that will offset the cost of the Unlimited Plan and possibly higher that paying for Hosting with Webflow!

Perhaps pitch it as maintaining a ‘Back Up’ of their site away from the Hosting Provider?

Just thought :thinking: