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Pagination for client with the new Webflow CMS

Hey guys,

I’ve just built a blogging site for a client and currently all of the blog post live on the same page and I was going to have them lazy load in but I really would like to have pagination set up so that my client would’nt have to worry about it. Is that possible in some way? Thanks! below is the site

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @David_Moore

For now one of the ways to create pagination is using this feature :

You can add tabs to the page and put dynamic list on every of tab pane. With using Dynamic list ranges you can control how many item will appear on every “page” (tab pane).

I used this feature in my portfolio site:


Would a client be able to update this? For example say I have 3 tabs that hold 10 items each. Once she adds an 11th would that create a new page or how would they update it is my million dollar question

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