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Pagination in Webflow

A webflow staff said it here:

So run a blog without pagination!

Webflow thinks this is not important, so then why make a CMS?
Loosers. Looking for another drag and drop platform.


Pagination is planned on the wishlist.✓&query=pagin

@barnabasnagy why so angry? Webflow is an ongoing project, constantly being updated - it will never be ´complete´ as such.

The staff are super friendly and always try to help, as do others in the Webflow community who are not paid by Webflow but try to help too.

Chill out man.


Lets not jump ahead right off the bat, rather give the Webflow team some time. In my case I am patiently waiting for Interaction 2.0.

So give the Webflow team some time @barnabasnagy

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I know. Means nothing if it’s just in planning phase.

I run a blog and a business on webflow. In fact I moved all my business and personal websites to them. I pay them loads of money. And they implemented a CMS system that does not work. If you have no pagination don’t make a CMS.

The CMS system does work. In fact, it’s quite powerful and super flexible. In lieu of built-in pagination, there are some pretty easy work arounds. Have you tried any of those?

I have my own sites and many client sites running on Webflow. I don’t pay loads of money, just the agreed upon amount for the designer tool and then each site’s hosting fee. And for the sites I still have on Wordpress, every time I have to work on them, I up the priority of moving them to Webflow.

Webflow is much more than a drag and drop platform and I think you will be hard pressed to find anything as user friendly, easily maintained, and flexible.

It would be nice if pagination had already been delivered but it’s coming. Hang in there.


@barnabasnagy pagination is probably not the highest priority since there is a workaround with using the “Limit Items” filter. Sure not ideal, but it will get the job done while we wait for the full feature. If it’s not for you - simply leave and use another tool, no need to go on a public forum and insult everyone’s hard work.

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Calm down dude …

The web is a beautiful place and has the most open minded community I have ever encountered. Furthermore, it is the biggest network mankind has ever managed to create.

Webflow also has an amazing community that is willing to help you out on any question imaginable for no charge. Yet, reading your comment, I can only shake my head.

Lets agree on this: You were fully aware of webflows capabilities at the point of sale, right?
Nowhere on this site can you find a section that promises you pagination, yet you demand it vigorously.

Also, if webflow were to implement this feature, would you be willing to pay more? Of course not, right? After all, this is the internet and ‘everybody’ is able to develop a drag and drop platform, whats so difficult about it anyway, right?

I would love to see you go to a car dealership and demand the newer version of your car, for free of course. After all, you pay for it by monthly installments, therefore it shall forever be upgraded.

There are about a thousand solutions for your problem, insulting webflow and its awesome developers is not one of them. Quit your whining, work the problem and keep your negativity and insults away from this forum, please.



I think this might be a lot more about “not knowing when”.

I’m personally clueless as to why there isn’t a trello update roadmap with target dates and sorting.

Working On Now

The wishlist was fun at first but now It’s basically just a suggestion graveyard.


I’m paying webflow so I have the right to post on this forum and if I want to I can be negative. There is no CMS without pagination. So if webflow doesn’t care for this they should have made everyone aware upfront when they launched their CMS. “This is a CMS but we have no pagination and you’re limited to 100 items”. That would be honest.

Graveyard indeed! They call these “features” yet these are bugs!

I was happy with webflow so far even though I was aware of some of it’s limitations. But this is basic folks. A CMS without pagination? You kidding me?

The workaraound I’ve seen was tabbing. But I already have a tab system in place for filtering the items per category so I can’t add another tab for pagination.

Any other workaround?

“everyone’s hard work” - did I insult your work? Did I actually insult anyone’s or just told them what they don’t want to hear. They made a big mistake and they call it a “feature”. Come on.

I added the “Limit items” filter and now my page can show 123 items on one page. Great. Lets’s wait until I publish all my 1275 items and let’s see how the page loads. Ridiculous.

Sorry for the late reply. You can create a “blog posts” type of page and if needed create multiple sections and limit the first section to X number of posts starting at 1 and going to X. Then have a button that unhides the 2nd section and start showing post from where you left off at the previous section.

For pagination of single post you can create a “teaser” area at the bottom and use numbers (create a number field in the collection for this method) or use an image or title from the post and make it a link. You can order the teasers by date or other field you might choose.


The ability to paginate collection lists in Webflow is now live:

Here’s how to to paginate collection lists in your Webflow hosted sites.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. :page_with_curl::open_book:

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Can this be applied to individual items or just to the entire collection? Meaning if I’m on Blog 3 can I have a next/previous to Blog 2 and Blog 4?

Pagination only works on lists at this time. It will come later though.

Edit: it will not come later at this point.

Vlad is answering this on this crowd cast with Nelson. At approx 45 minutes.

@jorn Guess that was part of the Crowdcast?

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