Paginating Dynamic Lists

I have a dynamic list collection of 20 items.

I want to display 5 of these items per page using a slideshow object.

I can only filter how many items show per page, not show first 5, next 5, etc.

How can I achieve paginating 5 items per slide, and continue where page 1 left off, etc?

  • Yes, I really need this feature!
  • No, I feel that this is not as important as other items on the wishlist.

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We’re working on this feature right now! You’ll be able to offset items. So for example you’ll be able to show 1-5 on one page, then 6-10, etc. Or create crazy layouts on the same page using different dynamic lists.


Thank you! Do you have an estimated time of completion?

It’s currently in development.


I’d like to make a classic blog layout with pagination using collection items feature. How can i recreate it using CMS? Is there any way to use auto-pagination when I set limits for collection items?

I don’t think pagination is available in this release but might be on the roadmap. The Webflow Team will have to confirm but pretty sure that’s correct at the moment.

No pagination yet. But we are working on that for a future release :smiley:


Hey, thanks for the answers) Can’t wait to see this feature in production.

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Can’t wait for this!

We just launched a feature that allows you to filter by ranges for dynamic lists:

Thanks so much! This works well.

Hi Sergie. Yeah that feature is great. But it’s different than the actual pagination feature you guys are working on, right?

Yes this is a stop gap for an actual pagination feature we’ll build later.

Still in development? @thesergie

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Actual pagination feature is not in development yet, but we do have it on our roadmap. For now I would create custom pages and limit the number of items on each page. Sorry for the inconvenience!


G’day guys!

@thesergie, any news on pagination feature for us?

Cheers mate!

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I’d love to know, too. Thanks! :sweat_smile:

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Any news on pagination?

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Would be great to know if this is in development yet, my current client’s project would be so much easier with this (I’m going to have to make a LOT of manual pagination pages).


We are on the same boat @oramsdesign. I’m working on a project that is taking a lot of my time to do this manual pagination thing.

Could any Webflow Staff tell us if is there any news about this?