New Feature: Dynamic list ranges

Hi again! We’ve just added another CMS feature:

Now you can filter dynamic lists using a range you define, instead of just a number of items.



The new feature plays nice with both filtering and sorting. It’s also great for displaying your dynamic lists however you’d like. You can now create your own pagination - set one page to start at 1 and show 20, set the second page to start at 21 and show 20, etc. You can also create unique layouts using multiple dynamic lists with different designs showing different items.

But the best is yet to come. Another upcoming feature will make dynamic list ranges much more awesome. Stay tuned!


Super! Go on with this kind of updates!

Great stuff! I have been waiting for this one.
Cheers! :beers:

YEEEEESSSSSSS perfect. You guys are awesome :smile:

That’s a cool update. You guys are doing things so timely. Still wish updates came out more often :smile:

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Can you elaborate on the pagination?


This is great! Nice work. :clap:

If any can post an example for pagination would be awesome…

Add a dynamic list to two different pages. Have them point to the same collection. (For dynamic lists the default sort order is newest to oldest, so the first item will always be on top.). One one page have the range be start at 1 and show 10 and on the second page have the range be `start at 11 and show 10. If you have 20 items in your collection it will show the first 10 in the first page and the second 10 in the second page.


Gotcha. Will there be another method of pagination coming available or is this it?

We’ll have more tradition pagination options later.


Cool. Just trying to plan what I’m adding to a new site now and what I might hold off on until later.

A nice way of using such feature would also be to display a list of news. You can have 2 collection lists pointing to the same collection. First List would have Start at 1, Limit to 3 to show 3 latest news as a nice blocks with background etc. Second List would be Start at 4 and Limit to 10 to show the rest of news items but in different styling, formatting etc :)


yup. that’s pretty much what i did here: except instead of 3 latest news i have 1 featured article and then 4 additional articles. worked great for it! i did have to manually layout some of my categories though because using that method i needed two dynamic lists per category and quickly ran over the 10 dynamic lists per page limit lol

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@bart Only problem is I have hit the 100 limit? what can I do to get past this??

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