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Following on from my prior blog post issue … (

If one uses the style of blog in the same vein as Webflow does, i.e. a teaser page with links to individual pages for each blog post, then assuming posts are written every day or every other day, very soon (within a few months) the website will reach its page limit (80 pages per site)!

Is there an alternative solution?

I have generated my own blog using tabs, which circumvents this issue, but it has many drawbacks too eg, links can only be made to the one page, not individual posts and it also appears that the social share count for each post within the tabs are all affected, even when only one is clicked…

Here’s my blog:

I recall talk of Webflow implementing its own Blog system. Any development on that?

Your thoughts would be most welcome. @thesergie @cyberdave @vincent @jdesign



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Hi, no there’s is no news about that.

And you’re facing this reality, Webflow as it is today isn’t tailored for dynamic content or blog-like site. It’s a static pages builder, and very good at that. Every time you load, export, publish, Webflow check all pages and links etc. As much as you have pages, it gets slower, that’s why, I assume, there’s a limit in the number of pages. With a CMS system, there’s a database and a template and the content you request via a link is created on demand, there’s never a huge number of real pages/files.

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@DanUK1 First your site looks very clean. I did have trouble getting the mobile menu to work on Safari but my machine has been having some issues so it’s possible it’s on my end.

@vincent Is correct. No one, except the Webflow team, knows what the CMS will look like. At the very best it might be a blog type of system but my guess is more a CMS that works by allowing content in areas to be updated or images shaped easily. Hopefully, it will provide a way to let clients’ access their sites to make edits. I’d love to see an easy blog integration option so let’s all keep our fingers crossed but don’t hold your breath.

You could port the site over to Wordpress. And there is a thread here Webflow export to Wordpress (from scratch) - Webflow Tips - Forum | Webflow that could help. I know Tumblr isn’t everyones’ favorite option but a with a little styling to the page you could give it a similar appearance and link out. Maybe others can weigh in on the pros and cons of a site maintained separately from a blog. I’ve read good and bad. I think you could also embed the blog into your site but have not worked with it.

Hello @DanUK1, I’m kinda new to webflow and I’m building a webpage for my startup.
I was searching for a way to implement blogs in a webflow page, but theres a lot of outdated content on the forum.
Then I saw this posts and your blog. Do you have any follow through tutorial that can show us how to build a blog like yours within webflow?
I’m not a programmer or web designer, but I’m alone in the company right now. So I have to make it work initially, I have some experience with blogs and I know the value of them for SEO.
I apologize for my poor english, it is not my main language.

Hi @Setzuko

Thanks for your comments - your English is good!

I unfortunately don’t have a tutorial. I have been playing around for some time, attempting to create a good blog in Webflow, including using the tabs feature. Currently, given the nature of Webflow, each option has its drawbacks, although I do think the current one I’ve used is better.

Essentially, all I have done is implement in a container two columns, with div blocks separating the posts and links to different pages where required.

Let’s hope that the long awaited update for a CMS/Blog/Ecommerce (who knows?) platform that @thesergie @callmevlad are working on is not going to be too long either as of course we are now nearly in June. @thesergie also mentioned recently Pasting/formatting text is time consuming - General - Forum | Webflow that they are currently working on a Rich Text element for Webflow, which is getting increasingly essential for implementing lots of text (such as in blogs).

Any update on any of this guys? :smile:


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