Pagination/filter issue

So I’ve run into an issue in my collection wrapper on my store page. When I turn on pagination, my filters only filter the items on “that page” (page meaning, the current page of the collection). If I want to see more items from the chosen collection, I have to click to the next page and click the collection heading again. The only option here is to turn off pagination, but this causes the overall page to show a long list of items which is not good at all for mobile.

Can anyone give some input on this?
Ill post the store link and password here UNTIL THE ISSUES IS FIXED FOR ME. Will update in comments or on post when it is fixed.

link: Protected page (

pass: testingBRUH

hi @bruhmanfiflo ! It seems you’ve found a Webflow limitation. No worries though :slight_smile: I think you’d be better off using for multi-faceted filters + pagination rather than MixItUp.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks, I guess I’ll just have to deal for the moment