CMS elements pagination

Is there a way to only have CMS items pagination on mobile and not on desktop?

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If you use Finsweet CMS Load for your pagination, I’ve designed an extension to it that allows the page sizes to be fully responsive. It works with FS Filter as well.

I have a cloneable here-

is there a way to use this code for multiple paginations on one page?

Hi Kayley,

I’d actually forgotten about this project, yes the code is essentially copy-paste, and you can configure the number of items per page for each breakpoint.

I’ve just recorded a video walkthrough, to go with the cloneable-

If you mean…

  • Multiple different collection lists
  • Each of which have a separate FS Load setup
  • But all have the same configuration of N items per breakpoint

Then yes I think the code will probably work as-is, and affect all of the lists as the breakpoints change.

If you mean

  • Each list needs a different configuration in terms of N items per breakpoint

Then the code would need to be redesigned to support that, targeting each list distinctly and handling different configuration settings for each.

Thank you so much for the video! It was very helpful. Unfortunately, the code is only working for my first collection list on the page. All have separate FS load setups, and the same configuration, but only the first collection list picks up the responsiveness. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for letting me know, I’ll update the docs.
No I don’t have any specific suggestions, but the code isn’t complex.

I’d recommend you check the Finsweet API to ensure it’s capturing the right triggers and updating the pagination for the right CMS Load pagination instance. May take a bit of work to iron out handlers for each instance.

I haven’t had a client who needs that so haven’t encountered that scenario before.

Thanks for all the help!!! I will give that a try.