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I have a CMS Collection that i am filtering using Finsweet’s CMS Filter Attributes. When I select one of the filters, “Pop” for example, only ~half or less of the items display. The number of items displayed for a given filter doesn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason.

One moment the Pop category will have 1 item showing, 5 mins later there will be 12. Since this is a custom code implementation, Webflow is unable to help out.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Maybe it’s something really obvious that I’m overlooking…

Thanks in advance!

  • Billy

Here is my public share link.

That’s because you enabled Webflows default pagination. Currently, it only shows the items with category pop that are being displayed in page 1.

I’d recommend using CMS load to counter this issue!

Thanks for the reply, Rory. This looks like a great solution!

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