Filter with pagination. finsweet

I have used cms filter by finsweet for filtering collection.I am using pagination for collection. When filter is applied it is only applied on items on current page not all items.

Hey Naeemudheen! One possible solution is to apply the filter before paginating the results. This can be done by adjusting the filter settings to ensure that all items are included in the filter before pagination is applied And Another possible solution is to use a different pagination method, such as keyset pagination or seek pagination. These pagination methods allow you to retrieve all items in a collection. Hope this would help u try this

Thanks for the help .Can you elaborate it ?. i am using cms filter by finsweet. or can you give me some tutorial links ?

Hey @Naeemudheen_P

Did you use Webflow’s native pagination, or did you use Finsweet’s “CMS load” feature to create pagination?
I suggest using Finsweet’s solution to do that. As far as I know, if you use “CMS filter” and “CMS load” together, the filter searches through all the pagination-pages.

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Thanks for the help .

Yep! Combining the two will filter through all the items.

@Naeemudheen_P Just a small addition. If you would like to keep using a pagination function, make sure to follow this attribute:


Finsweet (Load) Pagination and FS filter not working together.

Hello everyone. I have a similar issue. I am using Finsweet Filtering and Finsweet Load for pagination purposes. I have a total of 10 items. My client wants 8 items on screen (so pagination can be triggered). One issue is: If I click a filter (like blog) I now have 2 items on screen. But the Next button for pagination is still present. Thus these tow FS codes are not working together to show the proper amount of items to show in the collection area. Another issue: All elements are on screen. I use pagination and go to page 2. I apply some filtering (“blog”). And then I see no items in the current collection list. This is wrong as well. I expect the pagination to revert back to page 1 and show the correct blog collection items.

Did anyone figure it out? I am having the same issue. I want to show always 6 items in each page, but when I use CMS filter, if the items I am filtering are not in the current page, they simply doesn’t appear. Looks like CMS filter is applied after pagination, so It filters only the page, creating a wrong behaviour

They do work together, I have had no issues combining the two.


Thank you. @RoryVB It did work. My issue was that I was missing one important attribute on the div. :grimacing:

Make sure you’re using FS CMS Load if you need pagination with FS CMS Filter.
You cannot use Filter properly with webflow’s own pagination, because it will only have access to the first page of items.