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Pagespeed not that good


I am really new to webflow. So before I switch, I wanted to test the glorified pagespeed.
But now I recreated 80% of my current wordpress landingpage with webflow and the pagespeed is almost the same?

My wordpress page is 1,3 seconds with a size of 1,6 MB. The webflow page is 1,0 seconds with a size of 500 KB.

Webflow is really new for me, so it was a pain in the … to build the page here. I thoug ok … If it`s much faster, then ok.

This is my actual website: and this the webflow one

I changed the design a bit but the rest is almost the same and the webflow page is not even done yet. So is it getting slower?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Welcome to the community!

Webflow definitely has a bit of a learning curve, however once you get familiar with the tools I find that it takes me a fraction of the time to build sites when compared with other similar platforms.

In terms of page speed, from what your saying the Webflow page is out-performing the WordPress page but just to be sure I went and ran a Lighthouse test on both sites:

WordPress Site

Webflow Site

I would say that outside of some accessbility/SEO tweaks, your Webflow site is doing much better than the WordPress counterpart.

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First, sorry for my late response.

Second, thank you for your fast answer :wink:

So I just published my site and it seems to work. Just when I test it from the US (pingdom) it is faster then from Germany.