Drop in performance in page speed insight on all Webflow sites

this post is more of a poll than anything else.

I was talking recently with a client who told me that by switching from Wordpress to Webflow the performance of his site had really dropped, and that it was now around 10 in mobile… And indeed.

I then went back to a site that I’d specifically optimised to reach 90 on mobile and found that it was around 70 (I know that results are variable so there’s no point in mentioning that reason).


Have you kept track of the performance of the webflow site that you put online a few months ago and could you redo a test to see if the performance has dropped (while being sure that some clever little marketer hasn’t put 6 new trackings tools in the meantime [smiley here])?

Because I wonder whether the addition of features over the last few months has not also made the whole of Webflow’s core heavier.

Thank you for your feedback.

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Maybe this is linked to my issue ⏬ Speed: TTFB on webflow.io STAGING and our own PRODUCTION domain