PageSpeed Insights Low Score


I need any advise or help on how to improve PageSpeed Insights score in both mobile and desktop? I have already cleaned up unused styles and interactions. Are the main issues are the JavaScript? Third party apps? Do I need to upgrade hosting storage?

Currently, homepage score is 50+ (both mobile and desktop).

Here is my site Read-Only:

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Jan_Villanueva,

Thanks for your post. I took a quick look and it seems that custom code being used on the site accounts for most of the trouble, there is almost 1mb of script running on the page.

With the site loaded with custom code, I show a combined pagespeed score of 63, but with custom code blocked from running, there seems to be a speed index increase from 63 to 96.

This means there is some custom code on the site which is running that is degrading performance.

I would recommend to create a duplicate of the original site, remove all custom code, republish and then test again to create a baseline of the site with and without custom code.

Then re-add your custom code snippets one at a time and republish and retest to find out the biggest custom code scripts that are causing the issues, then try to optimize those if possible. (it may require more posts about specific issues).

I hope this helps

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for your help! I will try your recommendation and I’ll give an update on the troubleshoot

You’re not going to find a one-size-fits-all solution.

Better results and performance are achieved by many small things.

View this Webflow Blog. Towards the end of the post they recommend using Pingdom’s Website Speed Test to determine your site’s performance score.

I also recommend using Google Lighthouse. It does well at identifying 3rd Party app issues. Lastly, do your best to 1) compress your images, 2) defer or async your script links as applicable, 3) and pre connect and DNS prefetch for known connections.