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Low pagespeed insights score - what are my options?

Hi everyone,

Score in the 30s for mobile, 40s or so on desktop.

Page is heavy on native interactions and animations. The only external interaction added is blotter (which is deferred on loading anyways).

First thing is I deferred loading of all javascript elements (not sure if it makes a difference)
Next I’m going to resize images a bit.

Other than that, do I really have any venue for increasing score or enhancing performance (especially when page first loads) in a noticeable manner?


Actually I would say a lot. Look at this image. Dimensions are the same, no visible quality loss, compressed from 921kB down to a paltry 45.9kB or 95%.

Single page sites with lots of animations will usually suck performance wise. I think you will find that most people won’t wait for page loads. Why do you think Webflow killed all the “cool” animations they used to have on the main site? I’ll bet it was performance and engagement. Anyway that’s just my opinion. Good luck with your project.

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