Third party scripts lowering lighthouse score on mobile

Hi there! Firstly, thank you for your awesome work on the forum, which helped me a lot in the past year!
Having said that, I need your help on this topic. I’m having very bad score on lighthouse report and page speed insights report on mobile view.
This is a preview link to site:

And this is live site:

As you can see from the screenshot:

The biggest problem is unused Javscript which comes mostly from third party scripts such as GTM, Hubspot etc, and this “” script, which I don’t now where it comes from.

On the desktop, score is around 92-94 so the problem is mobile view (30-34).
I’m also using defer attribute on third-party scripts, so I’m guessing that’s not the issue.

The second problem is next gen images issue, but I’m aware the next-gen images are still not supported in webflow, so I guess that’s fine.

It would be really helpful if someone had similar issues and is willing to help. Thank you for your response!

Hi @stefandjikic, for any custom scripts that you load in the footer or header of the site, you can load those in the footer to load after the page html has been loaded to speed up first render times.

I see the site has code for things like AddThis which can add additional load time.

See the code to load scripts in the Footer section:


$(document).ready(function() {
        url: "",
        dataType: "script",
        cache: true


That example used calendly as an example, but you can use that with other third party scripts in the Footer section of custom code.

I hope this helps

Thanks a lot for this, @cyberdave !

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Yes, this helps. Thanks for this solution

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