Improving mobile performance SEO

Newbie website maker here, I’m having trouble improving the mobile performance on my website. On Pagespeed my desktop performance score is 95 but mobile is lagging at 62. I have compressed images, eager loaded LCP, minify CSS and JS. It looks like the main time delays are properly size images, unused Javascript and third party code blocking main thread. Not sure what to do with these I don’t want to reduce image size to the point they aren’t clear?

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - Joystic)

Well, Mostly important steps you have been mentioned and done ; however would like to check whether you converted your images to WEBP format.

and you highlighted about JS / 3rd party code -

  • List item by change, Are you using integrations tab to maintain any of the GA’s measurement ID / Google Optimize’s Container ID? Check this.

  • List item How about your fonts? Did you optimize that part?

I recommend you check the site ‘’ for deeper analysis.