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Pages taking too long to load

Hi folks!

I red a few topics here and also googled a bit, but still confused!
My pages are taking forever to load… I know a few images need to be optimised, but there are loads of scripts and other things loading like fb chat, fullstory, etc(probably not async?). It’s kind of stabilising as I deployed the website 2 weeks ago.

I am hosting with webflow and I wonder if there is anything I can do to improve these numbers. I am also using Cloudflare as I couldn’t find if it’s necessary with webflow hosting…

This is my webflow project:

And this is the live website:

Thanks a lot!

Hi @felps85,

You’re payload is quite huge 11,177.8 KiB.
The scripts needed for rendering the Ricoh Tetha 360 views are taking about 5MB to 7MB unfortunately.

Do you use a ricoh provided embed for rendering those 360 views ?

Hey! Thanks a lot for taking the time to look into it @ColibriMedia! Yeah, I am using the viewer from Ricoh for the viewer, in an absent of a free or native solution :frowning:

You could render equirectangular images using three.js for rendering a Webgl canvas. Now telling you that you’d will decrease your payload a lot. I’m not sure. But pretty sure the ricoh embeds have useless lines of code for controlling the 360 views.

Here’s a blogpost with a few alternatives:

Thanks a lot @ColibriMedia1 I will try to implement some of these solutions here! Cheers!

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Hey, I was looking at Kaleidoscope (and some others) on that list and their min.js has more than 20000 characters (webflow limit is 10k).
I couldn’t figure it out only using the three js documentation. Would you be able to help?


I was looking into those:

as well, maybe it will do the trick?