Webflow JS is huge and slow

Performance on this client site is slow:

Javascript is the main problem here:

So I assumed it was 3rd party.

As you can see it’s not. It’s webflow’s massive JS file + it’s slow JQuery load as far as I can tell. The only other scripts there are TypeKit (subideal) and Analytics via Tag Manager. Neither of those should be killing performance like this.

What the heck is going on here?

Any ideas? Any help much appreciated.

I have the same for all my websites. I posted a post in our Facebook Webflow Community and heard that Google PageSpeed updated their algorithm…


I’ve noticed this myself and would love to hear what can be done about it!

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I asked Vlad on a Q&A about dropping jquery and they said they’re planning on it but it’s tricky (especially given how many sites have custom jquery).


It’d be good, but it’s also not the main problem here. As you can see JQuery is not the largest issue.

Anyone? =) Still trying to figure out why this is such a problem.

At least share the test URL.

Uhm, doesn’t the webflow js only show up in its full fat version if you’re logged in or have been logged in to the editor/designer? If I open my site in incognito mode it’s blazing fast and loads a webflow.js that’s only a few kbs.


Hi strikingParakeet,

Could you provide a preview link so we can look into this?

Thank you,

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@Fonsume -> I tried that and it didn’t seem to help at all unfortunately. Thanks for the idea.
@webdev -> at least? I posted screens, as I am unable to share the project. No need to be rude.
@huwyca -> Thanks for the reply. I’ve more or less solved it now, so all good. See below.

Here are the improvements I made, in order of impact, in case anyone else finds them useful.

  • Removing the one Lottie animation on the page (which was tiny). In case you get this from another user -> this removed a HUGE amount of JS. It seems like the Webflow implementation is really heavy? That reduced the JS size by 2/3rds! Probably something in there that can be fixed.

  • Adding a preconnect to the webflow CDN. Webflow doesn’t seem to preconnect to it’s own CDN…I’m sure there is some reason for this across the whole network, but it’s worth adding.

  • Homogenising CSS classes and then removing unused ones, as has been mentioned many times across the forum.

  • Got rid of all of Webflows integrated loads and wrote them myself. That included moving Google Analytics, FB, etc. into Google Tag Manager through an HTML embed. It does a nice job of loading them async.

  • Adding font swap (see article link)

  • Reduced all image sizes and reduced the number of DNS lookups by replacing some images with embedded SVG (native support for that would be nice rather than having to use an embed).

This article is great, for anyone who ends up here by searching the forums:


@strikingParakeet I’m also working on increasing my site speed. What is the line of code used to preload the webflow cdn? Thanks!

<link rel="preconnect" href="https://global-uploads.webflow.com">


Thanks man. I appreciate the help, and the added resource.

It appears that the cdn my site connects to is https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/, whereas I don’t see any instances of “global-uploads” in the source code. Does this mean I should use that url instead?
https://www.savvyjackwax.com/ is the site

I’m sure you know this, but spending time on these small of improvements is being penny wise and dollar foolish. That site is GUARANTEED to be practically faster than nearly every other provider out there in real world application.

All speed increases are appreciated, but I’ve been paying attention to what’s meaningful to move the needle in SEO and the speed check your seeing here is chasing the wind. Seriously, page speed in THESE magnitiudes do absolutely NOTHING.

I’ve seen Backllinko provide some interesting information concerning what seems to impact page speed here: https://backlinko.com/page-speed-stats


Anyways, thought this would be helpful.


I also decided to remove my Lottie animation in order to speed up the page load but it seems the Lottie JS wasn’t removed from my code. I’ve deleted all animations, Lottie elements and files. How did you completely remove the Lottie plugin?