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Creating subfolders

Hi all!

I have a question regarding page structure. What I want to creatie is a url like this:

I created a folder called “Terms” and tried to put a page in it with “index” as slug. Unfortunately I got an error message. Just to be extra clear: I don’t want an url like but just the name of the folder.

Hope someone can help me out on this one, thanks in advance!

In the webflow system, this url means and terms is a page at the root.

It’s not yet possible to browse a url like where products is a folder and leads to index.html, index.htm or default.html like usual servers do.

I said it’s “not yet” because many have asked about that possibility and someone from webflow kind of always acknoledge that this would be a good thing. Indeed the closest Webflow stays to the standards, the better it is.

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Is there any plans in the near future for adding index.html in the sub folders?

I can do a mod rewrite or re-edit the structure once exported I know, but I’d rather save some time and just be able to link to the subfolder/index.html


Hi @FBM, this article may be of interest for you to comment on or follow: Ability to put content in Folder and have it be a page and a folder


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