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Hi, I am trying to link a Page template with a page. I made a Books page w/ nav/header and footer when I realized I needed a collection so I made the collection. I watched the video about the collection when it said that you can make a template page and then link that to any other page.
I see the Element Settings Panel, here is mine:

I see nowhere, like in the video, to link the page to another page. It is missing that whole part of the panel. It does work in other pages but it doesn’t show any of the templates in the dropdown as options in any other page. Even when I am on the Books page and I add the collection I can’t link to it.


Obviously, I am doing something wrong. I realize I could just remake the Books page and not use the template but I would like to know how it all works anyway. Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Maybe ask specific Q: “How to create a link from X to Y” - for now, it’s hard to answer (General Q body + Very General Q title).

The link is under link setting not under collection setting (Current book) for example.


If you bind books list to category list (by reference-field) - you can also select current-category (Create clickable category for each book) for list with type of “books”

Hello @java_I_tess,

I think this link might be able to help you

I’ve seen that and followed it but I still do not get that dropdown.

My specific question is how do I link a Page Template with a Standard page. The videos and documentation I read say there should be a drop down item in Element settings panel to allow you to do so and it isn’t there.

If you are under “post” page and you want to add link to about. Create “regular link”.


If you want to create collection-list and each collection item with button to another “single page” (About, contact us and so on) - you must create extra CMS-Link feild. This is very rare case.

You are missing what I am asking. You are supposed to be able to make a template page and link that page to another page.

Add screenshot - again no one understand your issue.

Your Q:
template page (You are inside post-collection-page) and link that page to another page (about page? or another post? Next/prev post? )

“link that page to another page” very very general. Sorry.

Why does it matter what page? You are supposed to be able to link a template page to another page as per video @Pablo_Cortes posted. I am not understanding where you are coming from. It has nothing to do with the button, I never mentioned that in the original post.
If you make a page as a template you should be able to link that page to any other to have a base to start off with like having a symbol of a footer area or header and then adding those in.

Like others, I’m not 100% sure what you’re trying to do here, @java_I_tess, but it sounds like you want to use your design for a Collection template page as the basis for the design of another page. But Collection template pages are templates for items in that Collection, not generic page templates, so you can’t just, say, use your Book Collection template for, say, your About page. You can use symbols and copy-paste elements from one page to another (though elements that contain dynamic content are trickier to work with for copy-paste).

If I’m not understanding you, could you point to a specific time stamp in the video linked above? I think that’ll help us all better understand exactly what you’re trying to do.

I don’t get why you have a Page template and symbols then. As you describe it working then why bother to have both? I guess the naming convention is throwing me off. A page Template would be a page n to a section of a page. thanks for your response. The video doesn’t describe it that way.