Collection issue

I am trying to add a page on which I can display the Books collection I have created, similarly to how the Talent (home page) and About Us pages are displayed.

can anyone help me?

I have created a books collection and some sample books but so far seemingly having no joy.

I have duplicated the About Us page in order to use its as a template but the content is locked to “Teams”. Any idea how to edit this and input Books?

http://](Webflow - Becca Barr Management)

The switch will need to happen under the collection list’s settings. Your book collection content probably isn’t going to match up well with the team content/layout. It’s usually better to start the design from scratch with new collection content.

I recommend reading up on the subject here since Webflow University is going to be more comprehensive than what the forum community will get into.

Thank you. I noticed that. My only issue is that it was seemingly locked. Of course the content will be different as I have different selectors but just can’t seem to access that CMS collection in any sort of straightforward way…

Are you saying there’s another way to add the collection? (I understand I could / should read up on this but was trying to run against a clock!)

As Port of Folio says, you can just add a new collection list, bind it to your new collection and then begin designing it and binding content.

If you want to “rebind” your current collection list to a new collection you must unbind all of its child elements first. Look for purple things, those are a good indicator of data-bound content. Check everything on the left side navigator, and for each element in your collection list, check everything on the settings panel for bindings.

I am trying to connect the books component now and have managed to create a collection div but seemingly difficult to create a similar design to the one I already have above that with “Teams”.

Either that or I have totally forgotten how to do this, which is worrying :joy: