How to link to collection template in dynamic list

I have simple problem on Webflow CMS on link at dynamic list to link it’s collection template.
I made simple collection which contain 1 name, 2, full size image 3, thumbnail image and few on/off switches to filtering. I want to click on of the thumbnail in the dynamic list to open up it’s collection template which contain nav-bar and full size image.
First I made collection template as follow:
Section element
Div element “collection wrapper”
Dynamic list
Dynamic item
Link Block

In Dynamic list, Dynamic item and Link Block I can not find nor select “collection template page” to link up in the setting panel.
In the “link setting panel” there is “A Collection Detaile Page” and it’s pulldown menu shows it’s parent collection and no collection template is appears. Then choose “A different Page” that pulldown menu shows only the pages which I made without any collection.
I try to find this link operation on the Webflow CMS video but non of them covered.
They tell us how to make collection or collection template but not showing how and which content to set-up to do so.
In the video of Webflow “Link” it seems works only non Dynamic list and dynamic template.

Please help me.